Saturday, February 17, 2018

Scenes From Ark: The Hotel Bunnytickle

It's been about a year since I've written about my friends' misadventures in "Ark Survival Evolved." Since then, the game itself has continued to evolve in more ways than I can describe here. Among the changes is a new map: "Ragnarok." Nydia and her friends quickly established a main base in a cavern. But some of us wanted our own secondary bases. Among them is this one in the east side of Viking Bay, which came to be called "The Hotel Bunnytickle." It's grown to be about a dozen stories in height.

Besides the new map, there's a spinnoff game called "Aberration." In this game, players deal with an Ark gone bad with radiation and powerful monsters on the surface, so they have to start underground. I may write on the game soon. But for now, here's a picture to show the hijinks with the dinosaurs continue.

Bixyl Shuftan

SL Video: "Annabel Lee"

(Click here if the video fails to play)

From Amelie Marcoud on February 12, "A melancholic love story, written by Edgar Allan Poe.
Based on the poem 'Annabel Lee.' Filmed at: Bella Pace in Second Life. Music by Monica and Sara Gil.

Hat Tip: Hamlet Au 

Friday, February 16, 2018

SL Videos: "How Big Is The Map of Second Life, Walking Across the Map"

There's a man on Youtube who calls himself "How Big is the Map?" What he does is record himself walking across various gaming worlds such as "Ark: Survival Evolved," "Player Unknown's Battlegrounds," "Elder Scrolls Online," and many others. Most take a half hour to ninety minutes, though "Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall" boasts the biggest map he crossed, which took him about 70 hours in total.

Recently, WATM decided to take on crossing Second Life., in an avatar appropriately named "HowBigistheMap." But he ran into one complication obvious to it's residents: most of the place is private regions by themselves or in groups that are isolated from one another and accessible only by teleporting. But there were the continents. So he decided to talk across those, starting with Sansara. The journey took him an hour and a half. So crossing just this continent alone took more time than crossing most of the game worlds he'd spanned.

HowBigIsTheMap didn't stop there. He would go on to cross the continent of Jeogeot, which took him slightly less than an hour and a half. Then came his third and longest challenge, traversing the triple continent region of Corsica, Nautilus, and Satori. That took him almost three hours, which got him wondering how long would it take to walk across the whole Grid if it was possible.

Luca Grabacr came up with a kind of answer in her video in November 2015, in which she stated if all the sims were lined up end to end, it would take over 23,000 days to walk across them. Obviously that's not the same as crossing the map from one corner to the other. But these videos from these two people show when it comes to ground area, especially ground area with unique content, Second Life has the MMOs beat hands down.

Hat Tip: Hamlet Au
Bixyl Shuftan

Redwall Abbey at Sunny Beach

At the Sunweaver Estates, the home region of the SL Newser, there's a new building going up at the Sunny Beach sim, the "Redwall Abbey."

"Heads up on news from Sunny Beach," Becky Shamen told me, "We have begun building Redwall Abbey on the SW corner of the sim. The build will take time, but should generate interest in the sim and Sunweaver Estates. It's from a feature length animation about a Medieval fury community. I'm piecing together floor plans and building the whole abbey complex on Sunny Beach."

Taking a look on Youtube, and Wikipedia, I found the Redwall Abbey is from "Redwall," a series of Fantasy novels aimed at older children and young adults, written by Brian Jacques, of which an animated TV series was based on. Twenty-two novels were published, the first in 1986 and the last a few years ago. The TV series first aired in 1999.

Sunny Beach, also known as Mythica Woods, is owned by Erik Mouse, with Becky Shaman as an administrator.

Image Credit: Becky Shamen 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Toontown MMO Back: Toontown Rewritten

What happens when a multiplayer online game is closed down by the company that owns it? For those with devoted fans with time and money, some may take matters into their own hands to keep it alive. In 2013, Disney pulled the plug on it's "Toontown" MMO after ten years. But shortly afterwards, a fan-made version of it appeared: called "Toontown Rewritten." Five years, and many updates, later, the game is still going. And it's completely free to play.

Read more in Other Grids, MMOs, and Games.

Press Release: "Burnal Equinox 2018: H2O = Water but H2+O -> Fire"

Creative Burners near and far, we call you to sign up and participate in the next event to take place on the virtual playa on Deep Hole: Burnal Equinox.

"H2O = Water but H2+O = Fire"

What does this mean? It is in two parts. The first we all know, that H2O represents WATER. But...the second part is not a chemical formula; rather it is an attempt to describe the process of combustion that results in FIRE. Both utilise hydrogen and oxygen, but manifest in different ways.

This excerpt from The Urantia Revelation may inspire ideas for creativity in building, art, and music for this event:

"Mathematics, material science, is indispensable to the intelligent discussion of the material aspects of the universe, but such knowledge is not necessarily a part of the higher realization of truth or of the personal appreciation of spiritual realities. Not only in the realms of life but even in the world of physical energy, the sum of two or more things is very often something more than, or something different from, the predictable additive consequences of such unions. The entire science of mathematics, the whole domain of philosophy, the highest physics or chemistry, could not predict or know that the union of two gaseous hydrogen atoms with one gaseous oxygen atom would result in a new and qualitatively superadditive substance—liquid water. The understanding knowledge of this one physiochemical phenomenon should have prevented the development of materialistic philosophy and mechanistic cosmology.

"Technical analysis does not reveal what a person or a thing can do. For example: Water is used effectively to extinguish fire. That water will put out fire is a fact of everyday experience, but no analysis of water could ever be made to disclose such a property. Analysis determines that water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen; a further study of these elements discloses that oxygen is the real supporter of combustion and that hydrogen will itself freely burn."

The event will officially open with a walk-on by the Lamplighters at 10:00am SLT on March 24th, and Burners are welcome join us in the fun. A fashion show will be featured at the stage during the event. A schedule of performances will be available closer to opening.

In the meantime, we come together as a community to prepare for this event. You are invited to PARTICIPATE, because no Burner is a mere bystander on the pixel dust of BURN2's Deep Hole playa that is our virtual Home. There are several ways in which you can do this.

Build on a Plot! 
Plots are free, but limited in number. Begin planning your creative build - plots on the playa will open for building starting the 27th of February. Placement will contact you starting then for you to choose your plot.

Sign up early! First come, first served get the plots!

Perform on the Stage!
The stage, a quarter circle, will be specially built for this event, where many can gather to listen, to dance and to enjoy this opportunity to celebrate the Equinox that brings the change of seasons and sunlight.

Sign up on this form and a member of the Performance Team will contact you to schedule your performance.

Become a Fashionista!
Sign up to be a model in the fashion show at Burnal Equinox!

SHARE the News About This Event!

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BURN2 Inworld Contacts:
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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Cartoon of the Day: Cupid's Favor

By Bixyl Shuftan

Grand Opening Ceremony for the Sunweaver Railroad

After months of planning, landscaping, bridge-building, and track laying, the Sunweaver Lines Railroad is finally operational. The creation of Cynthia Farshore, the railroad's track spans one end of the community land to the other, going through the main sims. On Saturday, there was a ceremony attended by a number of the locals to officially open the line to travel.

Read the story in Design.

Valentine Dance by the Safe Waters Foundation

With Valentines Day this week, there's been quite a few Valentine parties. But how many can boast being a mermaid party? On Sunday February 11, there was a Valentines Day dance organized by the Safe Waters Foundation, held at Antiquity MarieGalante, at the Water's Edge Merhaven.

Tonight, Antiquity and Safe Waters Foundation present a Valentine Dance!  Bring your special someone, or meet them here!  Music by DJ Cynthia Maine, the Gold Mermaid.  All are welcome!

The party was held over a heart-shaped dance floor underwater on the sea bottom. As the announcement stated, not everyone whom attended had a tail and fins. And some who were, it was for the occasion, "This is a fun event.  And I do not get very often to be a mer." DJ Cynthia played songs like the theme from Titanic, "My Heart Will Go On," and Elvis Presley's "Burning Love."

I was there only a brief time, but was around long enough to hear some of the conversation. "ala everyone." "... how have you been?" "Just as fine as frog hair, how about you?" "Frogs have hair?" "They do but its very very fine." "Only if they grab it from somebody's comb." "They buy little froggy wigs."

The Safe Water Foundation. led by GraceSWF Wrigglesworth, is the largest group of mermaids and mermen, or merfolk as they're sometimes called, in Second Life. For more information about them, check their website: .

Bixyl Shuftan

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Events This Week at the Sunweaver, Montecito Bay, and Furry Fashion Clubs

It's a week full of events at the Sunweaver and Montecito Bay clubs and the Furry Fashion Lounge.

Club Cutlass: Valentines Day, Pretty Purple, Taking Wing

The Happy Vixen: Flower Power, Formal Party, Pink and Red, Hollywood, Candy, Vampires, Alice in Wonderland, Mice

Club Zero Gravity: Best in Blue, Best in Hearts, Dragon Crew

Montecito Bay: Dieselpunk, Prom Night, Vampires and Werewolves, Satanic Panic, Sandstorm

Furry Fashion Lounge: Formal, Rave, Romance, Sealife, Goth, Swing, Horns, Genderbend

Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'.

Announcement: "Prom Night at the Magnum Opus"

"With Valentine's Day coming up, Montecito Bay is throwing our annual PROM NIGHT! And this year, it's a John Hughes inspired Valentine's Day Prom featuring The Lem N Ems! Prom Night at the Magnum Opus - Feb 14th 7-9SLT"

Montecito Bay (60/128/23)

Addition: Later in the day, BekNos (Becky Nosferatu) announced that Magican Productions is going to be raffling off two new colors of an avatar at the event.

One Billion Rising

By Gemma Cleanslate

Heads up to the returning One Billion Rising in second life  that will make its reappearance on February 14 . Read about the history and plans for this year on the website. Get involved if you can or plan on attending activities .

I went over to view the sims where preparations are going on .

I found one of the leads of the event, Judi Newell , fixing up the Poetry Stage site . “The events will be at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm SLT and will include booked performers followed by open mic, so people are invited to come along and join in. All forms of writing are welcome with a limit of 5 or 10 minutes depending on the number of people participating each hour. The event is in voice ."

Stevie Basevi, another lead , was working on one of the four gardens that grace the four outer corners of the four sims. She did not take the easy way of creating one garden and dropping it in each corner ... each one is very different so make your way around the outer roadway not only to visit the gardens but to enjoy the works of art the creators have dropped there . The exhibits are always in keeping with the theme of the day but lovely each in its own way. Every one of the leads has been working very hard to prepare for this event that has so much meaning to survivors and deserve a big thanks.

I have been involved since the first year as a greeter and a dancer in the videos and enjoy it very much and always learn from the activity. There is a rose hunt this year on the sims. This is a 24 hour event with djs on the center stage at varied hours and live  performances planned during the day and night . Keep an eye on the website for more information on artists appearing and when. There is a lot going on all over the grid this day but make time to get there!

The four sims have names that suit the day so well, Rise, Dance, Unite, Resist!

OBR - One Billion Rising in Second Life 2016.  2016's video!!

Gemma Cleanslate

Monday, February 12, 2018

New Sponsor: Montecito Bay

Good News: Montecito Bay has just agreed to become a sponsor of the Second Life Newser. For those less than familiar with the area, the Newser wrote about the place in December. It's an active location with many events every week. Be sure to stop by and check it out.

Montecito Bay (31/128/26)

Eye On The Blog: "Shop Your Heart Out" and "Hug or Dunk a Linden"

Linden Lab is coming out with two Valentines Day themed events this month. One is a shopping event. The other is the yearly tradition that takes place this time of year: the "Hug or Dunk a Linden" event.

Love is a complicated creature — inspiring poetry, prose, songs, and art since the beginning of time. The Isle of View celebrates this complex feeling once again with the hub of all things Cupid and hearts - the Isle of View!
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Come hug and dunk some Lindens
At the Isle of View!

On February 14th from 10am-12pm SLT, join us at the Isle of View for a chance to hug and dunk some Lindens. Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your one and only - when else are you going to get the chance to cozy up to a Linden or splash one into a cold tank of water? An opportunity like this comes around about once a year — so don’t miss out.

The event takes place at the Isle of View at Isle of View (84/79/107).

For those whom still have their gear from the "Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches" game, there's a special new glytch in theme with the holiday you can capture and keep.

While you are at the Isle of View - you can hunt for some limited special Glytches. What’s a Glytch, you might ask? Part of a grid-wide experience that launched last September - Glytches are collectible little creatures that you can capture with tools that you can upgrade with gems. Get started (if you don’t already have a weapon and hud) at portal park, then bring your hunting spirit to the Isle of View to capture these adorably cute little rascals.  

There's also a "Love Bug" glytch available in Premium kiosks, for those with Premium accounts.

For those who prefer to shop, there's the "Shop Your Heart Out" shopping event.

 Our annual Valentine’s Day shopping event is back! Discounts on clothings, hair, accessories, decor, and more, plus gifts from many of your favourite Merchants and brands are available from now through February 26th. Drop by the Gilded and Golden shopping regions to collect your gifts and get some great deals. Many of our participating Merchants are also putting items in their Marketplace for sale, so be sure to visit them.

To get the free gifts and deals, head to Gilded (104/135/52).

 For a few years early in Second Life history, at least as far back as 2008, "Kiss a Linden" events were held at the Isle of View sims, while in the Teen Grid "Hug a Linden" events took place. With the closing of the Teen Grid in January 2011, "Hug a Linden" events were closed, and the last "Kiss a Linden" would take place in Feb that year. The Lab would quietly do away with the event, which took some by surprise next year. No reason was given for the closure, although it was part of a trend at the time of the Lab having less interest in interacting with the Second Life community. After three years, the Isle of View would reappear in 2015. And in 2016, "Hug a Linden" was back as part of the "Hug a Linden/Dunk a Linden" event at a rebuilt and expanded four-sim Isle of View.

 For more information, check the Linden blog entry here

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Cartoon of the Day

Taken at Bay City

By Bixyl Shuftan

Announcement: This Week at the Senchai Librarie

"We bring stories of all kinds to life, in VIRTUAL WORLDS."

--------->> COMING THIS WEEK

All stories told in open voice. All times SL/PT

**SUNDAY, February 11th at 6pm: MAGICLAND STORYTIME:  Caledonia is back at the Golden Horseshoe with Betsy Byar's "The Not-Just-Anybody Family" 

Magicland Frontierland, Bracket (181, 57, 30)

**MONDAY, February 12th at 7pm: Alan Dean Foster's SENTENCED TO PRISM Continues with Gyro Muggins
**TUESDAY, February 13th at 7pm: William Pene du Bois' TWENTY-ONE BALLOONS Concludes with Faerie Maven-Pralou, plus bonus material!

**WEDNESDAY, February 14th at 7pm:  Selections from Erin Morgenstern's NIGHT CIRCUS  with Caledonia Skytower

** THURSDAY, February 15th at 7pm: FROM THE SHADOWS: Phantom Lovers with Shandon Loring (also presented in Kitelyhop:// 
Check out the stories and the storytellers at

All times SL time, stories in Voice.

Unless otherwise noted, at Holly Kai Estates (215/44/277)